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  • 6 Common Causes of Back Pain

    Oh, my aching back! If this statement sounds familiar you, join the crowd of people who experience back pain every single day. It is by far one of the most common types of pain but is still one of the hardest to treat. The treatment method for the pain depends on the actual cause of the pain, though options are still limited. What causes back pain bradenton fl? There are dozens of causes, including the six listed below.

    1.    Muscle Strain: When the muscles in your back become overworked or are stretched to their limits, it usually causes muscle strain. This type of pain can put you out of commission quickly.

    back pain bradenton fl

    2.    Poor Posture: Poor posture is a habit that you should break now. In addition to causing a poor appearance, this problem also leads to pain throughout the body, particularly the back area.

    3.    Arthritis: There are several type of arthritis, each causing just as much pain as the next. There is no cure for arthritis but there are many ways to treat the pain and other symptoms.

    4.    Ruptured Disc: If one of the discs that protect the bone in the back from the ligaments, expect there to be pain. The pain is substantial for most people who endure a ruptured disc.

    5.    Improper Lifting: Whether at work, at home or elsewhere, proper lifting is important. If you lift properly, you could throw your back out and experience tremendous pain.

    6.    Skeletal Irregularities: Skeletal irregularities cause scoliosis, or curving of the spine. This is a painful condition that has thousands of sufferers.

    There are many reasons for back pain. The reasons above are some of the most common. If you are suffering from pain, talk to your doctor and get treatment.

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