5 Reasons Dental Implants Make You Smile

When you are missing teeth, it is not easy to smile. People notice our smile before anything else. It says a lot about us. When there is a tooth gone, you may feel embarrassed to talk to other people. Dentures are available, but most people hate the idea of using them. Now that dental implants are available, people who are missing one or more teeth have replacement options.

Take a look at the top five reasons to consider in detail the benefits of a dental implant procedure gloucester va. Then, pick up the phone and schedule a consultation to begin the process of using dental implants to improve your smile.

1.    Dental implants attach to the jaw using a special screw. This means that you won’t need to remove the teeth and put them in a jar of water at night.

2.    The teeth look and feel more like the natural teeth. That is important when choosing a replacement option. Dentures sometimes look fake and can be easily spotted by anyone with a keen eye.

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3.    Implants have a longer lifetime than dentures. Properly cared for, dental implants can last a lifetime whereas dentures need replaced every six or seven years or more often in some cases.

4.    You can live a fuller life using dental implants. Dentures can place limitations on these things but implants give you back the freedom that you lost.

5.    Don’t want to miss out on the foods that you love? Dentures cause that risk but implants come to save the taste buds and give you the ability to enjoy what you want.

When you are ready to replace your missing teeth, smile about it and use dental implants. You will be glad that you did. Just ask anyone who’s used dental implants to resolve their woes.